Owner and Director Lisa Anne Hammer founded The Dance Company to create a place for students of all ages and abilities to explore and develop their love of performing arts. TDC provides a place for students to learn how to dance, sing, and perform, building the skills they need to further pursue a career in performance, as well as developing positive self-esteem, confidence, and a healthy lifestyle. Our biggest goal? To make sure every student is having FUN!

The teachers at TDC are all working within the industry, providing a unique experience for every student. The teachers are continually learning themselves, honing their own skills and sharing the latest styles and techniques with their students.

The focus of every class is to develop technique and abilities, driving ongoing improvement year after year. Our main focus is to always create a positive and challenging environment for students to learn how to dance, sing, and perform.

To give our students the best performing arts instruction possible, we offer a wide range of classes. We embrace every genre of dance, and move beyond the basics with our advanced levels courses. Our Elite program provides those students who want to pursue a career in dance the opportunity to experience exactly what that career entails. For every student, young and old, beginner or expert, The Dance Company has what they need to learn and grow as dancers and performers. We nurture the love our students have for the arts, giving them the chance to be part of it all!

Our commitment

Since its inception in 2012, TDC has consistently delivered outstanding results. We believe this stems from the highest level of dedication, direction and leadership from the top, these values being upheld by all TDC staff, and this behaviours being instilled into our dedicated students and families. If we all operate from the same value system, the sky is the limit!

Focus on excellence

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it properly! We ensure that our students are well-prepared and well-trained, optimizing the time allocated to training and development to make sure no energy, time, effort or money is wasted!

Perfect balance

Don’t stress about choosing a recreational OR professional studio, have the best of both worlds at TDC! What’s more, we encourage students to participate in programs that suit their personalities, schedules and commitments. For example, recreational students who show potential and initiative will be encouraged to participate in elite classes. Elite students who are more inclined towards a recreational level of participation will be encouraged to do so... we like to get involved in your child’s learning and development, ensuring they are participating in the classes that suit them the most.

For the whole family

The whole family can enjoy classes by participating in activities under the same roof. We offer dance, vocal tuition, private lessons, musical theatre, acting, tumbling / acrobatics, pilates, yoga, boys only classes and pre-school classes.

Correct technique from age 3

Start as a beginner and then progress to an advanced program at an age and time that suits you. Students at TDC learn correct technique from age 3 so that all students can pursue dance more seriously down the track if they wish.

Two Streams

This ensures that each dancer is in a class with like-minded students – Recreational (learning on a more “casual” basis) and Elite (involvement in specialty programs, competitions, performances and other external opportunities).

Amazing opportunities

Including activities, exams, performances, workshops, in-house presentations and competitions.


Our studio encourages important values such as commitment, effort, respect, accountability, resilience and work ethic whilst also promoting an active, healthy, and creative lifestyle.

Be part of a community

You can socialise, have fun, and meet new friends and parents.


Lisa Anne Hammer is the dedicated, passionate and highly organised director of TDC. Having come from a background of gymnastics/acrobatics and intense dance training, Lisa launched TDC in 2012 to allow her to create and develop dancers in her own unique method. It has also allowed her to develop a business that genuinely cultivates dance technique, artistic ability, performance and community feel, something that she felt had lacked in other schools she had seen and experienced.

Lisa thoroughly enjoys all aspects of TDC including teaching classes, choreographing for competitions and performances, overseeing and directing all aspects of performances, training and mentoring upcoming assistants and teachers, and creating exciting external opportunities for the students. With an Honours Degree in Child Psychology from The University of Melbourne, Lisa is not only passionate about children and dance, but highly qualified and academically positioned to get the very best out of the students under TDC tuition.

Lisa has a broad range of dance experience including training in Melbourne and LA. She has also completed examinations in RAD and Cechetti Ballet syllabus, has completed Levels 1-7 Gymnastics Certification and Module 1 & 2 of the Acrobatics Arts Certification.

Under her tuition and training under the TDC banner, Lisa has:

  • Developed dancers that have travelled to participate and assist in worldwide workshop tours (Europe, Asia and The United States)
  • Trained students who have been accepted into exclusive dance training facilities such as VCA (Victorian College of the Arts)
  • Had multiple TDC students appear on television commercials such as Bonds, Target and Kmart
  • Choreographed, trained and directed multiple National Award-Winning troupes and solos.


"My daughter has attended TDC for the past 4 years and I can't rate it highly enough!! Her confidence has improved so much in dance school and with her friends! All the teachers are fantastic and give each child a chance to shine! Lisa and Andrew are amazing with the children and always have time for them! Thanks TDC and Miss Lisa for your kindness, patience, persistence and all the opportunities you have given my little girls!"
- Tina Robertson. Students: Ava and Lexi.

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