The dance program at TDC

The Dance Company, provides our students with the opportunity to learn any number of styles. Students can walk through our doors with no experience, and by the time they leave years later, have developed their skills and a deep love for the art!

Students can begin at TDC at the age of three, receiving a fun introduction to the world of dance, perfectly designed for little bodies. As they grow, students will venture out and take part in a number of different dance genre instruction. Our dance instructors are all experienced, professional industry members, who have the knowledge and skills to teach any student effectively! Students can learn how to dance in the styles of jazz, lyrical, ballet, hip-hop, and more!

As students explore the options of different styles of dance, they can choose how to continue their education. Some students will decide to stay with the more classic styles such as ballet, while others may embrace the every changing style of hip-hop or contemporary dance. No matter the path they follow, all students are given the opportunity to perform regularly. For the most serious students, we offer Elite programs to take their dancing to the next level!

All our classes are designed to focus on the fundamentals, building the foundations your student needs to grow as a dancer. We create a challenging environment, nurturing a love for performing arts, while still making it FUN! Instruction goes beyond technique and serves to build confidence and positive self-esteem and image in our students. Whether your student has the dream of dancing professionally or are coming to stay active and learning to dance because they love it, we have the programs and dance education to fit every learner's needs.

A large part of our offering and expertise is around dance classes. We offer various styles and genres to different age groups, allowing your child to select the styles that suit them the most. Dance is a fun and creative weekly activity for your child and will allow them to take performing more seriously down the track, if they wish to do so.

Dance styles on offer include:

  • Ballet (RAD syllabus)
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical Theatre
  • Group Vocals
  • Tap
  • Technique and Conditioning
  • Acting/Drama
  • Acrobatics
  • Industry Classes


Children are allocated to classes primarily based on age. This is to ensure that students are surrounded by children of similar age and ability level, and can progress and develop and the appropriate pace.

  • Pre-School
  • Tinies 2-5 years
  • Mini 3-5 years
  • Petite 5-8 years
  • Junior 9-12 years
  • Pre-Teen 10-13 years
  • Teen 13-16 years
  • Senior 15+
  • Open Age 18+


At TDC The Dance Company, we strive to provide students and parents with friendly and professional atmosphere, backed by staff who uphold our core values. We believe that our staff are role models who can inspire and guide our students to be the best version of themselves. We also understand that parents appreciate organisation and communication.

Our teachers are carefully selected based on their experience, knowledge and/or qualifications required for the range of levels, genres and age groups being taught. The teachers are organised, reliable and experts in their fields.

All staff hold Working with Children Checks. TDC also have First Aid qualified staff available at all times.

2018 TDC Elite Company Teaching Faculty

Resident Teaching Staff

  • Lisa Anne Hammer
  • Andrew Dowton
  • Rebecca Davies
  • Jason Duff
  • Stefan Lagoulis
  • Amba Fewsta
  • Kealy Fouracre
  • Alice Batt
  • Tanya Singh
  • Luke Hubbard
  • Dylan Rodriguez
  • Donnie Dimase
  • Trevor Santos
  • Ashley Grottoli
  • Joshua Arkey
  • Luke Alleva
  • Lauren Ferreria
  • Colette Pengelley
  • Rachael Hammer
  • Mikaila Sobin
  • Emmasyn Willie
  • Michael Rossi
  • Shevaun Pope

Regular Guest Teachers

  • Lucy Ellis
  • Kira Stray
  • Luke Maggot
  • Mitch Wynter
  • Brittany Page
  • Jane Keen
  • Kurt Dwyer Williams
  • Ben Scarmozzino
  • Kiane O’Farrell
  • Amira Younan-Wise

Plus Amazing National and International Guest Choreographers


"I am impressed with the level of recognition and encouragement each child gets regardless if they are elite level or recreational. Both my daughters are very different. One is musical theatre, the other high-energy acrobatics, yet both girls have felt nurtured and respected and given loads of specialized attention and training specific to their needs! I feel the teachers really know each child's passion and really zone in on it! My 8 year-old is now doing aerials and flips, and my musical theatre daughter has attained two lead roles in outside theatre company productions. TDC has certainly been the best decision we’ve ever made!"
- Kylie Pope. Students: Kate and Shevaun.

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