Elite Program

imgAbout the Programs: The Elite program is a part-time training schedule, and is designed to create a fully rounded performer and covers all bases needed in todayís industry, from every dance style, technique, vocal, musical theatre and acrobatics. The Elite program extends a dancerís knowledge and technique to a new and higher level of training. With an emphasis on positive encouragement we aim to build a dancerís confidence as well as style and technique and performance skills. We build a strong work ethic and resilience so the students not only become well-rounded dancers/performers, but also stand out in a very competitive industry.

Entry is by audition only. Auditions will be held on November 13th and 14th 2014 (please see below a copy of ?the audition schedule). Auditions can be organized throughout the year; please contact TDC The Dance Company to arrange an audition time.

Audition students are required to have natural dance ability and discipline. We look for students who have a passion and love for dance.

For more information about our part-time Elite Program, please contact us.

Please click the following link to download the Solo Development Enrolment Form

Solo Development

imgPrivate lessons are with one of our experienced teachers, and are a great way to advance dance / performance skills, or perfect class technique. During private lessons, students receive undivided of their teacher for the entire lesson.

Private lessons are with one of our experienced teachers, and are a great way to advance dance / performance skills, or perfect class technique. During private lessons, students receive undivided of their teacher for the entire lesson.

What you receive:

  • One-on-one private lesson
  • Performance and competition opportunities
  • Professional teachers with industry experience
  • One-on-one development of the studentsí strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of technique, flexibility, strength, choreography and performance
  • Report tracking mid- and end-of-year of studentsí progress
  • Weekly schedules for out-of-class development

Weekly schedules for out-of-class development

*All students must have started school in 2015 to be able to enroll in the vocal program.

Location: Altona North Primary HALL Seventh Avenue, Altona North (Entrance via SIDE GATE)

Contact: CALL US: 9318-0429
EMAIL US: Tdcthedancecompany@gmail.com


  • "My daughter has attended TDC for the past 4 years and I can't rate it highly enough!! Her confidence has improved so much in dance school and with her friends! All the teachers are fantastic and give each child a chance to shine! Lisa and Andrew are amazing with the children and always have time for them! Thanks TDC and Miss Lisa for your kindness, patience, persistence and all the opportunities you have given my little girls!" - Tina Robertson. Students: Ava and Lexi.

  • "I am impressed with the level of recognition and encouragement each child gets regardless if they are elite level or recreational. Both my daughters are very different. One is musical theatre, the other high-energy acrobatics, yet both girls have felt nurtured and respected and given loads of specialized attention and training specific to their needs! I feel the teachers really know each child's passion and really zone in on it! My 8 year-old is now doing aerials and flips, and my musical theatre daughter has attained two lead roles in outside theatre company productions. TDC has certainly been the best decision weíve ever made!" - Kylie Pope. Students: Kate and Shevaun.

  • "It is wonderful to Ella and Olivia come to dancing each week with such enthusiasm. My girls love to make up dance routines at home; it's great to see them working on "little concerts" together. Lisa is an amazing young lady who nurtures, teaches and creates fun for all the children she meets. We are also lucky to have met her and the whole TDC team. Thank you so much for the gift you give to all those that wish to dance." - Lisa Alexander. Students Ella and Olivia Alexander

  • "Ava has become more confident since joining TDC last year. She loves Lisa, and why wouldn't she, Lisa has a fantastic personal rapport with the children. We have enjoyed our time here & look forward to many more years dancing together." - Tina. Student: Ava

  • "Jasmin enjoys dancing hip hop & jazz classes, Lisa is a fantastic teacher and Jasmine has learned a lot since she has started. Her confidence has increased in her dancing & also is a lot more focussed in general." Helen (Jazmine's mum)

  • "Ava has become a more confident performer since attending TDC. Discovering new techniques and pushing the boundaries of her capability thanks to her amazing teachers. Each year it amazes us of the changes in development we can see in Ava's progress." -Happy Joslyn Portelli. Student Ava

  • "Lisa is a healthy role model and personally invests in all her students. We are astounded with the progress Ella has made under Lisa's tuition and guidance this year in both her dance ability and confidence levels. All the teachers and students at TDC encourage and support each other to achieve their best." -Rebecca Windsor. Student Ella

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