The TDC Elite Program is a pre-professional performing arts program for students aged 5+ years of an intermediate or advanced standard who want to pursue opportunities in performing arts at a higher level, who want to achieve their highest potential and for those who would like to push themselves and be presented with the most performance opportunities.

The TDC Elite Program is designed to create fully-rounded performers and covers all bases needed in today’s industry; including training in multiple dance styles, technique coaching, conditioning, vocal, musical theatre, acrobatics and more.

The Elite Program extends a dancer’s knowledge and technique to a new and higher level of training. With an emphasis on positive encouragement and discipline, we aim to build a dancer’s confidence as well as style, technique and performance skills.

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TDC offers an exclusive Elite Training Program, available to selected students via an audition-only basis. Elite teams are categorised into age levels, including: Mini A/B, Junior A/B, Intermediate and Senior. Our Elite program includes training in conditioning, technique, classical ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and musical theatre. We also offer other genre-specific Elite divisions including: Three Hip Hop crews (Mini, Junior and Varsity) and the Acrobatics Competition Team.

Amongst the TDC Elite training faculty are some of Victoria’s leading industry choreographers and performers. Our teachers have been specifically hand-picked to provide the highest level of training, choreography, direction and performance knowledge, with the ultimate goal of enhancing our students’ mental and physical abilities both in the studio and on the stage.

The TDC Elite Program provides students with specialized training in the following areas:

· Fundamentals and technique;
· Choreography and combinations;
· Performance, charisma and stage presence;
· Fitness, power, strength and conditioning.

TDC believes in exposing students to a wide range of professional-level training and performance opportunities. With a primary focus on in-house training, TDC Elite Program also strategically includes external workshops, competitions, show auditions and professional dance and performance work. Exposure to multiple facets of the performing arts industry is a key ingredient that contributes to TDC’s Elite Program reputation for creating some of Melbourne’s top dancers.

Designed as a part-time training schedule, the TDC Elite Program is designed to create highly-refined and well-rounded performers. The program covers all fundamental bases required in today’s performing arts industry: every mainstream dance style, dance fundamentals and technique, vocal coaching, musical theatre and acrobatics. The TDC Elite Program aims not only to broaden a dancer’s physical capabilities, but also to extend their knowledge to new and higher levels of thinking – spatial awareness, body mechanics and intention within movement. The program, using positive reinforcement and unique teaching methods, aims to enhance a dancer’s confidence, charisma and overall communication ability. The result? Well-rounded, confident, high-caliber and disciplined performers who stand out in a very competitive industry.

Entry into the TDC Elite Program is strictly by audition only. Audition students are required to have a natural inclination for dance, motivation and discipline. We look for students who have a passion and love for dance. Auditions are organized throughout the year and/or as required. Please contact TDC The Dance Company for more information on the audition process.

For more information about the TDC Elite Program, please contact us. 


Solo Development & Private Lessons

At TDC we are proud to offer our renowned and popular Solo Development Program, focusing on a student’s performance ability and technique at an individual level. Through tailored training specific to the student’s abilities, potential and talents, we can enhance a student’s performance qualities and bring them to the next level.


There are a range of benefits that come from private lessons. Just like with any sport or skill, tailored one-on-one attention from an expert allows them to focus on specific items that will excel their performance abilities in many ways. Some other benefits include:

  • Gain more performance opportunities and experience
  • Build resilience in having to perform alone
  • Build self-esteem – not have to rely on team mates when performing
  • Build friendships with dancers from TDC and other studios
  • Have family time, supporting your child’s passion for dance/performing
  • Develop new goals

For more information about our Solo Development Program and Private Lessons, please email us to request our Private Lesson Information Pack.


"Ava has become more confident since joining TDC last year. She loves Lisa, and why wouldn't she, Lisa has a fantastic personal rapport with the children. We have enjoyed our time here & look forward to many more years dancing together."
- Tina. Student: Ava

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