Students who wish to develop their vocal ability – this is the right place! With highly experienced vocal coaches as part of the TDC teaching faculty, we offer tailored tuition to develop confidence, technique and range in vocal capabilities. Our teachers work closely with our vocal students to ensure they develop their voices in a safe and practical way. All voice students are given a number of professional recording and live performance opportunities throughout the year to display their learning, development and ever-growing talent.


At TDC we have a range of classes that compliment those who take part in our vocal program. Please see a list of the recommenced classes:

  • Musical Theatre (Saturdays)
  • Acting/Drama Class (Fridays)
  • Tap (Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays)
  • Group Vocal Class (Saturdays)

Please email us at tdcthedancecompany@gmail.com and we will find a time and day that suits you


Vocal Showcase

There is an annual concert for our children’s classes and is compulsory for all vocal students.

Termly Open classes

Once per term, we invite you to watch your child during a vocal lesson as way of seeing how they are progressing.

Community Performances

Students may have the opportunity to perform at school fetes and events.

Competition experience

Singing Competitions are open to students aged 10 years and older (upon our recommendation).

Class Performances

Students may be able to showcase their vocal talent in our musical theatre or dance classes. For more information on our Vocal Program please email us and request our Private Lesson information Pack!

AMEB Exams:

AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) Singing Exams are open to students aged 10 years and older as of 2018, upon our recommendation. Exams can provide clearly defined goal posts that can be a powerful motivating force. They encourage the development of a broader range of skills by challenging students to demonstrate skills such as sight reading, technical execution, aural recognition and general knowledge. In addition to providing valuable performance experience, every candidate that completes an exam receives a personal written report from their examiner. This opportunity to receive constructive, external feedback can highlight areas of strength and weakness under performance conditions to help guide students in their development. Upon completion of each grade level, students receive an official certificate recognising their achievement. AMEB’s qualifications provide a national benchmark and are recognised across Australia and internationally.

Vocal Faculty:

Under the guidance of vocal coaches Alice Batt, Lauren Ferriera and Shevaun Pope, we apply proven techniques to nurture student's passion for singing, closely monitor progress and develop their skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Guest teachers:

Luke Alleva

Kiane O’Farrell


"It is wonderful to Ella and Olivia come to dancing each week with such enthusiasm. My girls love to make up dance routines at home; it's great to see them working on "little concerts" together. Lisa is an amazing young lady who nurtures, teaches and creates fun for all the children she meets. We are also lucky to have met her and the whole TDC team. Thank you so much for the gift you give to all those that wish to dance."
- Lisa Alexander. Students Ella and Olivia Alexander

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